We've been to see the wizard!

18th April 2023

From the 28th to the 30th March, P4-7 brought three audiences along on a journey from Kansas, over the rainbow and to Oz, with many adventures and encounters on the way. Many hours of rehersals had gone into these performances and everyone worked extremely hard while having a really enjoyable time. We are so very proud of every single one of our pupils who took part in this performance in all their different roles. There may be some future West End or Broadway stars in our school!

Have a look below at the photos of our cast and some photos from the performances.

The first set of photos are courtesy of the Ballymena Guardian.

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GB1455 D23
GB1456 D23
GB1457 D23
GB1458 D23
GB1459 D23
GB1460 D23
GB1462 D23
IMG 3483
IMG 3489
IMG 3490
IMG 3600
IMG 3601
IMG 3599
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IMG 3494
IMG 3598
IMG 3603
IMG 3495
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IMG 3499
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