As children develop in different ways and at different rates, there will be those who require additional support for their learning. These particular children are identified by observation coupled with formal and informal assessment.

For many childen these needs will largely be met within their own classroom, the teacher matching learning experiences and tasks to the needs and abilities of these children. The classroom assistants also support some of our children's learning.

Where needed, some children will also be given individual or small group support by the classroom teacher or special needs support teacher. This may be in the form of withdrawal or may be classroom based. Support will be available for both literacy and numeracy.

Very occasionally, where a child’s progress causes concern an assessment by an educational psychologist may be undertaken. Parents of such children are always consulted prior to this assessment and their consent given. Results of such testing are discussed with the principal, child’s teacher, special needs support teacher and parents. We work closely with the psychologist to follow advice given and to seek further support when necessary.

Children receiving extra support with their learning in our school have been seen to make excellent progress and have found the support they have received to be both useful and enjoyable.

A copy of the School’s Special Educational needs Policy is available for inspection.