Role of the Board of Governors

A Board of Governors manages all controlled schools. Each Board is constituted for a period of four years and a new Board was set up in the autumn of 2018. Parents are entitled to elect two representatives to the Board and teachers elect one representative. Other members are nominated to serve as church or community representatives.

The Board of Governors of Portglenone Primary School is responsible for the effective management of the school and it meets at least once per term to fulfil that obligation. The governors are responsible for: -

· The School Curriculum

· Appointment and dismissal of staff

· Control of the school budget

· Admission of pupils to the school

· Maintenance of the premises

· Effective management of human and other resources

· Provision of information to parents

· Fostering links with the community and promoting EMU

The Board of Governors

Mrs. J. McDonald (Chairperson) - Transferor

Mrs. S. Greer (Vice-chairperson) - Parents' Representative

Mr. J. Harris (Secretary) - Principal (non-voting member)

Mrs. C. Forsythe - Teacher Representative

Mr. A. Bell - Transferor

Mrs. D. McClean - In lieu of Transferor (Designated Governor for Child Protection)

Mr. T. Wilkinson - Transferor

Mrs. B. Connolly - Education Authority

Mrs. M. Courtney - Education Authority