Portglenone P.S. is a co-educational school for 4 to 11 years olds. The present school building was opened in 1983 and is located on the outskirts of the village of Portglenone. There are currently 140 pupils in 5 classes at the school.
The school can be contacted on TEL. 02825822046

School Aims

Vision Statement and Aims

The Board of Governors and staff of Portglenone P.S. seek to provide a broad and balanced curriculum within a happy, caring and disciplined environment which will encourage the formation and development of positive attitudes and a desire to learn. We will seek to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance. We will set high expectations for our pupils and support them in their efforts to achieve them. We will endeavour to create a strong school community working together with one purpose - to provide the best possible education for the young people of this community. We will strive to make our school a place where children can -

  • Feel safe, secure and valued
  • Learn in a challenging environment
  • Achieve success in academic, creative and sporting areas
  • Develop their talents, abilities and self-confidence
  • Learn respect for themselves and others
  • Acquire positive, moral attitudes
  • Prepare for life after primary school

  1. To develop skills in oracy, literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology through a variety of meaningful and enjoyable experiences appropriate to the needs of each pupil at each stage of his

  2. To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual, aesthetic and physical development of each child.

  3. To provide opportunities for every pupil to achieve success, thereby encouraging and promoting the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and independence.

  4. To prepare pupils for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of post-primary school life and later adult life by:

    a) Encouraging self-respect, respect for others and property,
    b) Encouraging tolerance towards others, and
    c) Helping them to acquire values which will enable them to make informed decisions.

  5. To foster in pupils an awareness and appreciation of their environment, both in time and space.

  6. To promote and develop close links between school, home and the community and create an atmosphere in which parents feel they have a meaningful contribution to make towards their child’s education.

  7. To encourage staff to pursue professional development and receive adequate, appropriate training for the delivery of our curriculum.