P1 and 2 trip to the beach

11th June 2023

P1 and 2 had a fantastic day at Portballintrae beach at the beginning of June. The weather was great and so off we went with our buckets, spades, sunglasses and picnic lunch. After our snack, we started with a sandcastle building competition and then took a paddle in the ocean to cool off.

Next, we got into 4 teams for some silly races, including trying to free the fish by filling up the bottle with water. This was made even more difficult because Miss Martin had put lots of holes in our containers but eventually Miss Stewart's team were declared the winners.

After our picnic lunch of sand sandwiches(!) we had a quick water fight and it was definitely Miss Martin who finished the wettest. We dried off in the sun with the help of an ice cream or ice lolly before getting back onto the bus ready for home time. After such a busy day at the beach, the bus was certainly much quieter on the way back and a few of us even fell asleep before reaching school.

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