Learning Support





As children develop in different ways and at different rates, there will be those who require additional support for their learning. These particular children are identified by observation coupled with formal and informal assessment.


In the P1 class these needs will largely be met within their own classroom, the teacher matching learning experiences and tasks to the needs and abilities of these children.  The classroom assistant will also be available to allow the class teacher more time to work with these children.



Children in the P2 – P7 year groups will also be given specific teaching by the classroom teacher in conjunction with extra tuition by the special needs support teacher.  This may be in the form of withdrawal or may be classroom based.  The time allowed for this extra help may vary from year to year, depending on staff allocation. This year, for the first time, we will be able to offer numeracy support for children having difficulty in mathematics.


Very occasionally, where a child’s progress causes concern an educational psychologist may be called in to assess the particular child.  Parents of such children are always consulted prior to the psychologist being invited.


Results of such testing are discussed with the principal, child’s teacher and parents.  If this particular child’s needs would be best met by placement in another school, then the appropriate steps will be taken.



A copy of the School’s Special Educational needs Policy is available for inspection.